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CQS is a company who provides business service to our clients. We rely on offering high quality business service to survive. 

We respect each of our clients, and we believe the only way to develop business opportunity is put customer first.

CQS, as a company, we also striving for commercial success to support our business operation and  support our staffs, it is the foundation which drives us providing high quality service to our clients.

CQS staff always standing in the point of interest of our clients, thinking in the way of how our clients thinking, and trigger tailor-made business solution accordingly.

CQS truly aware of that we earn respect and opportunity only when CQS is able to provides value-added business service.

As such, CQS staffs always striving for clients' respect by acting throughout of the full service chain including product sourcing, supplier assessment, quality management, product testing and  customer communication.

As a staff working in CQS, the 1st priority is to realize who you are really serve for - it is CQS' client!

And the second priority is workout how can you ensure customer satisfaction.

CQS staff always been asked to be result-oriented to achieve the goal of meeting clients' potential needs.

Beside of our clients, CQS also focus on our business partner and our staff. CQS staff should respect everyone who involving our business, no matter their title and social status. CQS staff should be polite and respect to others even in conflict with them. 

CQS trust and respect our stakeholder including clients, business partner and our staffs,  We striving for a long terms business partner with our clients more than 1-times dealer.

We care about our client's feedback, this drive us to be continous improved to serve our clients better. We encourage and appreciate you can share us your comment regarding our service








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